Ross Peak Glow Sculpted Relief

Ross Peak Glow Sculpted Relief

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12" x 16"

Sculpted Relief Painting

Ross peak is the fourth highest peak in the Bridger Range (highest point: Sacagawea Peak 9665 ft/2945 m). It is located next to the unique Ross Pass which gives the craggy peak a bit of prominence when viewed from the East and West. Of the ten peaks in the Bridger Range, Ross Peak is the fifth from the South. One will find Ross Peak's summit on the Saddle Peak USGS 7.5 min. quad. map.

Ross Peak-Melvin A. Ross, St. was another Josephite Mormon who arrived from Salt Lake City in the mid-a860s. He climbed this peak north of his ranch and planted a U.S. flag on the summit. That feat gave the peak its name.

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