Artist Residencies

Allison McGree Artist Residencies Montana Art Teacher

Artist Residencies  

School Art Programs


As a Montana State Certified K-12 Art Educator, the possibilities of school residencies are endless! 

I have taught year-long drawing classes, collaborated with entire schools to create murals, connected art projects to a local gallery, art history, and national exhibits in addition to having a great amount of practice creating specialized projects. 

I have experience combining technology with education, and I have taught art to a K-grey audience.  I would love to connect art to your current school curriculum and standards or design an independent project specific to your needs. 

Though my personal love is paint, I teach a variety of media.  Please contact me for questions, a list of project ideas, or for a referral from one of my current residencies.

$60/hour instruction time

.56 cents per mile

Supply fee depending on lesson

$60/hour preparation fee, depending on the depth and scope of the lesson.  Please ask for a free estimate.