How to prepare for your painting class

How to prepare for you painting class:


  • Prepare your painting area:

Cover your table and floor to make clean up easier and to prevent stains from accidents.  Plastic, paper, an old sheet, or a tablecloth are all great options.  If it is nice, you can always paint outside to reduce cleanup.  Be careful if it is really windy and tape down anything that might fly away.


  • Clothing:

A paint shirt (old t-shirt) or an apron will help to protect your clothing.  Choose your clothing that you will not mind getting paint on.  We can be as careful as possible, but accidents can happen.


  • Spills:

If you do spill, wipe the extra paint quickly and then dab your clothing with a warm sponge or rag as soon as you can.  Let the stained area soak in a stain preventative pre-wash before you try to wash it.  The faster you can wipe it up before it dries and settles, the better. 


  • Other materials (other than the paint kit) you will need:


  • A rag or paper towel
  • A small cup of water to rinse your brushes
  • Table covering
  • Any additional colors of paint that you would like to add to the project!
  • Any additional brushed you would like can also be added but are not necessary.
  • Any snacks or drinks you would like to enjoy while painting.