Hyalite Peak Sculpted Relief
Hyalite Peak Sculpted Relief
Hyalite Peak Sculpted Relief

Hyalite Peak Sculpted Relief

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20" x 16" x 1.5"

Sculpted Relief

Hyalite Peak-

The mountain had been called Lost Mountain or Steamboat Mountain, and the creek Middle or Jackson Creek on some of the older maps. It is the gem from which the canyon gets its name, Hyalite, a colorless opal bubbling translucent from the edges of black volcanic rock, the aftermath of the area’s violent birth 43 millenniums before the upheavals that created the wonders in Yellowstone National Park. Under short wave ultraviolet light, it glows green and yellow.
In 1927 a petition was circulated by citizens of Gallatin County to have the Forest Service change the name of Middle Creek to something more distinctive. Since the peak at the head of the creek was called Hyalite, this was accepted and formalized by the Board on Geographic Names

Hyalite Peak – 10,298′ – Gallatin Range – Montana
Hyalite Peak may be the most popular summit in the greater Bozeman area. Sitting at 10,298′ at the head of the U-shaped Hyalite Canyon, Hyalite Peak towers above the popular Hyalite reservoir and the entire Hyalite recreation area. Hyalite Peak is the 4th highest peak in the Gallatin Range – Electric Peak at 10,969′ and both Mount Bole and Mount Chisholm at 10,333′ beat it in elevation. Yet, Hyalite is the most popular of them all.

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