Artsy Shark Featured Artist Article and new work this week.

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Happily painting in my studio this week has been AMAZING.

I've started a new series entitled "Dear Universe..."     The new year offers new beginnings. ...and with it, many, many, more questions. How do you process?!   I find painting it out works wonders.   Breath. of. fresh. air. Add in some great music and my day is made. So I'm writing questions, thoughts, dreams, pain, conflicts...and anything that comes to mind on my canvas. ...and then I paint!   [gallery size="full" ids="1272,1271,1270"] Want to learn more about this process?! In amazing serendipity, Artsy Shark published a Featured Artist article about me this very morning.  Take a look to here more about my process and my story. Link: I highly recommend to seek out a creative outlet, source of flow, place  of meditation.  Actively find and nurture your own peace.  Run, hike, move a barbell, sit in the sunshine, write, dance, rebuild a car, build a house, check out Headspace (I love it)!  Paint. :) We all don't have to find our place in the same way, and obviously change it up as necessary. Once we can wrestle with our own darkness, the world is much more filled with light.  Shine from the inside out, as my wise sister has shown me... Find the light dear friends. -xo A  

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    Just happened upon this while adding your link to my newsletter & what a delightful post! Can’t wait to meet you :)

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