Thank You for your part in my Journey.

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Welcome to my Weekly Art Blog Update!  

Tonight is the night!  

Art Reception at Holter Art Museum in Helena, MT 5-8pm Join me, I'd love to see you! With that in mind, I would love to take a moment of pause to sincerely thank every single person who has helped me to be where I am at this moment.     I'm not even near the top of my field and I have plenty of room to learn and grow...  But I am proud to be filled daily with work I love to do.

I am proud, and exceedingly grateful to be here. Now.

Thank you.

Helena has a special place in my heart, I grew up there.  This small little town in Montana is full of inspirational people and landscapes.  A perfect place to grow up dreaming. One of my high school art teachers sent me this picture, below.  It is his invitation to my Holter opening tonight with a cattle marker piece I did almost 20 years ago (I had to triple check that as I wrote it, wow...that's a few days ago). Twenty years ago I threw that artwork away.  He grabbed it out the garbage and it's been on the wall of his art room for all this time.   Thinking about who I was when I created that piece, and the full circle that is today...fills me with a crazy sense of time, emotion, and appreciation. The presence of the full moon in all of these artworks (both old and new) seems like something I should pay attention to. So I looked it up, thank you google.
A Time of Opportunity. A Full Moon is a lunar phase that happens when the moon is on the opposite side of the earth from the sun... The full moon is a time of positive opportunity , wholeness and strength, illumination, and energy.
If these last 20 years are a full lunar cycle in art-time, I really enjoy seeing the full moon again for whatever symbolic meaning there is. "Dear Universe" my latest series of artwork continues... Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday     And the words behind the wet paint... If you are interested in more ponderings and information, check out my latest newsletter! Allison McGree Fine Art February Newsletter   For now, enjoy your weekend.  Jep (studio pup) and I will do our best to do the same. xo- A Art Reception tonight at the Holter, 5-8pm

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