New Week, New Work

The whole culture is telling you to hurry.  While the art tells you to take your time.  Always listen to the art.  -Junot Diaz


This painting depicts my love of atmosphere and color.

It celebrates both springtime renewal and pays homage through thoughtful contemplation to all of the amazing souls who have come before us.

As spring approaches, vibrancy and light increase (thankfully)!  This makes both our inner and outer worlds radiate with hope and renewed vitality.  A new beginning, a new season, potential...and a chance to use the dark contemplative energy of winter to spark something inspired and AWEsome in each of us.

The Rainbow Sky in this painting is a heart-filled ray of color and remembrance.  Rainbows remind me of loved ones who are no longer with us.  This painting celebrates the people who will forever be in our hearts.  The GIANTS of our past.  Individuals whose impact lasts much longer than one lifetime.  Individuals who have left footprints on our hearts forever.

Artwork allow us a beautiful pause in order to experience it.

Our lives are so busy, our days are so full.  In a rush to constantly do MORE to reach a goal, I think it's important to pause...

Pause, look at something beautiful and BE happy right now.


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