New Work Monday!

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Monday Morning!

New Week, New Artwork is evolving! This past week I returned from the amazing beaches of Hawaii to a beautiful, albeit chillier Montana Spring. Back to the studio and my "Dear Universe" series of paintings... My first markings on this painting, "Dear Universe, THANK YOU..."  There is so much to be thankful for and it is so nice to pause to do so.

This BLUE inspired ocean scene filled with gratitude is starting to come together.

I'm dreaming of the ocean waves and the warm, salty waters of Kauai where I was sitting at this moment one week ago!

Thankful for time to enjoy the powerful impact of the ocean.

"Going with the flow" seems to be a more fierce a statement while watching the ocean tides and roaring waves compared to sitting near a cool, calm stream.

Nevertheless, smoothly inspired  persistence and patience seems to be reigning at the top of my current life's ponderings.

Cheers to another week filled with flow friends.  Crashing waves or spring melt...may we all find a pace that gets us where we're going.  :)



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