Art Monday!


An online gallery showcasing paintings both current and from the past.

If you want to see a large body of my artwork in one place, this is it!


In progress now...I have many more images to upload, many more paintings to paint.


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I've been painting my entire life.

However, in the past 20 years I have followed art and painting as my passion and profession.  Learning and growing from each and every artwork, every brushstroke tells a mini story of my life.

Looking at them in one place is like looking through an old photo book of memories.

Some good, some shades of darker, some elated moments full of energy (and color).

Join me for a little trek down memory lane and check it out.  Comment on the pieces, share your thoughts, and reflections.  I'd love to hear.

In my paintings... Look for the seasons of my art world. :)

  • My obsession with light and reflections that started at Gonzaga University (and shows up in many, MANY, spittoon and motor paintings).
  • My love for Montana and the great outdoors, ESPECIALLY changing weather and seasons.
  • My years as a raft guide and ski instructor on the Gallatin River and in Big Sky, MT.
  • My adoration for sky, weather, clouds and big open spaces...
  • Storms.  Because life isn't always calm and pretty.
  • Mixed in with the easy beauty of simple flowers...
  • And then, my more recent study of the inner landscape leaning toward abstraction.

All of these paintings are me.  A piece of me, a moment in time that was celebrated (or gotten through) via paint and a brush.

Pretty amazing to have my story documented in paint.  :)

Thanks for being here art-loving friends! Until next week! xo. A  

"Be not afraid of growing slowly;

Be afraid only of standing still."

Chinese Proverb
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