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Perception and Layers.

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I am drawn to atmosphere and layers...in artwork, and in life.   Layers of questions, layers of color...overlapping and flowing together to create space. I am drawn to improvement of myself, my art, my everything.  At times, it's exhausting. On this Monday, I feel like I'm circling around a few messages and themes that the universe keeps bringing to my attention. Fear Doubt Faith Change Openness Potential Purpose Belief As with all learning and growth, seeking deeper understanding whenever I can is damn uncomfortable.  It's a dance of sorts, two steps forward and one step back.  Slow down to move fast....

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Three EASY ways to trust your art-instincts.

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Art is truly in the eye of the beholder. Art stirs up our emotional selves; love, hate, nostalgia... art affects each and everyone of us. Own it. Our senses are what respond to art even before our brains can react.  Our senses tell us what we like, approved of, are fearful of, or dislike.  This response is extremely quick and can be difficult to translate into words.  It is a feeling, an instinct, a rapid unconscious reaction.  Art making, participation, listening, and viewing are found as biological and emotional reactions in our senses.  The arts have very specific and complicated...

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