Perception and Layers.

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I am drawn to atmosphere and artwork, and in life.  

Layers of questions, layers of color...overlapping and flowing together to create space.

I am drawn to improvement of myself, my art, my everything.  At times, it's exhausting. On this Monday, I feel like I'm circling around a few messages and themes that the universe keeps bringing to my attention. Fear Doubt Faith Change Openness Potential Purpose Belief As with all learning and growth, seeking deeper understanding whenever I can is damn uncomfortable.  It's a dance of sorts, two steps forward and one step back.  Slow down to move fast.

I believe in the "impossible."  I believe that the universe has our back and that limits are BS.  But I crave these beautiful words by Tony Robbins to support that theory.

"Create a vision and never let the limits of what has been done in the past shape your decisions. Ignore conventional wisdom."  Tony Robbins

Feed your Fear or Feed your Faith

I believe we all have a choice continuously throughout our day.  Faith or  Fear.  I also believe that this work, is hard freaking work.

"If trust is a garden of paradise, then doubt is the weed. So how do you water your Faith when doubt-creep is inevitable? With a lot of really hard work. Unceasing, daily doubt-whacking. Faith works up a sweat. She is anything but passive."  Danielle LaPorte

In the end, it is a choice we (I) need to make again and again.  Strengthening the pathways that lead to connection, faith, love, belief.

Feed the good.

My heart is drawn to paint. Painting has always been akin to ice water on a hot summers day. Soothing, satisfying and absolutly fulfilling. So today, I will follow my bliss and head toward the paint. xo-A  

Layers of Atmosphere in oil paint on display at the Holter Museum of Art now through the end of February.  

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