2017. Believe.

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Happy Happy NEW YEAR friends!

I promise to send out a newsletter this week with more information (make sure you're signed up)! For now, a quick blog of exciting events starting this year off right.
"Believe in the possibilities you can't yet see..."
December was wild!  Busily trying to make sure stores were stocked, my studio was ready for its inaugural art tour,  2017 calendars were out, art was up online and in stores...I was running so fast I lost track of my sense of BELIEF.  Belief that I was moving forward (and not in seriously fast circles), in the "right" direction and that sometimes the most important progress is slow and steady. So I've been doing some dreaming and scheming (thanks to Molly at Stratejoy, look it up if your soul is searching for some direction.  This is my second year in her HOCO (Holiday Council) and I LOVE this process).  #hoco2016 My plans for 2017 are bold, brave, beautiful, patient, present, and heating up nicely. :)     Exciting news already!
  1.  I was signed by an amazingly spunky and vivacious new(ish) gallery in Downtown Bozeman, Style a. 
It was love at first sight... bold, wild patterns, enormous artwork and the color!  WOW.   Plus they feel like a great fit.  I'm thrilled.  Pop in and say hello. Here are few of my paintings looking much more hip than I ever will. :) 2.  Re-commitment to goals for myself, my business, my studio, life...don't downgrade your goals, upgrade your conviction... noted. My online website/store is being upgraded NOW.  Head over to www.allisonmcgree.com and let me know what you think in the comments! I would LOVE to hear what YOU want to see.  Truly. 3). I had an AMAZING holiday.   The Bozeman Open Studio tour was a fun (and snowy) few days.  I enjoyed having so many friends and family visit my little world of color.  Keep your eyes peeled for the next one! 4)  Growing up in Helena, MT I have always been in love with the Holter Art Museum.  January 1st marked an exciting date for me as an artist.  I am now showing at the HOLTER. :) Stop by to see 20 paintings anytime between January1st and the end of February.    Opening reception Friday 2/3/17 5-8pm. 5) I'm (FINALLY) able to spend some time dipping into oil paint again.  And. If you can imagine a full body breath released into utter bliss... or, a cool dip in a lake during the heat of the summer.  THAT is how I feel.  I'm ready to see what 2017 has in store for me. THANK YOU for being on this journey with me.  I'll hope to see you in my art world soon. For now, if you're stuck or frustrated, or overwhelmed...keep moving one foot in front of the other.  There most definitely is a sunny side. :) xo-A

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