Be more successful today.

Are you doing the right things or living a scattered, reactive existence?

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Bold Enough

It’s time for us to ramp up the energy to follow our bliss, prioritize, and live the best life. 


1. Narrow your focus. 

This is extremely difficult for me and my very VERY excited brain.  Yet, it has to be done to be a “pro.”

2. Think BIG and don’t be afraid to be BIG!

So often we are truly more afraid of our greatness, be brave.

3. Stay away from “Someday Island.”  Live.  Now.

We only live once, time to make it count.

4. Prioritize

No one can do it all RIGHT NOW; by definition this means one thing.  Focus  on one, move from there.

5. Don’t make excuses

Repeat above 10x a day.

6. Do the work

Simple and effective.

7. Don’t fall for instant gratification.

Aim for long-term and high reaching goals.

8. Fear mediocrity, don’t fear big.

The universe needs you to show up as the best version of you.

9. Eat, sleep, exercise, ACT like a successful person

You’ll live your way into success one day at a time.

10. Be open to greatness

The universe has an amazing way of celebrating your effort and heart.

11. Do the right thing, especially when nobody's watching.

I hear my Dad with this one.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a dollar you saw drop from a stranger’s pocket or not being charged for a drink.  Have character, strengthen it, repeat.

12. Be a role model

I imagine my nieces and nephew often as well as all of the mini-artists I teach.  Would they be proud of my actions?

  I needed a quick dose of Monday Motivation today.  I hope you feel a little more boosted to be the best you.  Don’t forget to check out the the video below.

Check out this video!  Do the WORK

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