FullSizeRender (9)   On this beautiful Monday morning, after a great weekend seeing  some of my amazing, loving, supportive (and NUMEROUS) family members, I am grateful for all of the people who love and believe in me and my all of my crazy dreams. I am off to paint!  Thinking of wild and crazy colors and a few new beginnings...more on that later. For now, thank you Montana for being so  good looking and inspirational.  Thank you friends for supporting me in my constant uncovering (however slow and twist-filled) of becoming the biggest and best version of myself, and thank you family.  No matter how different we all are (my mom is one of 7, my dad, one of 9 so there are a lot of us), I know we care about one another deeply and, near or far, often or not, I am grateful for all of you in my life. So cheers- get out and celebrate your Monday!  

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