Hey art friends, this is a business, how do we make a living?! (Insert anxious face).

So my first major art mentor's words still seem to have some ownership in my brain, despite how unhealthy and delusional they were.  A few things...a lot of DON'T'S:  DON'T Be a sell out, a regional artist, relationships ruin an artist's independence, you'll be over if you leave the realm of my genius guidance, don't do anything else... ummm, yes.  I'm trying to restrain myself from going on a tangent of why (in my opinion) ALL of those things are ridiculous.  Let's just say they really are RIDICULOUS and keep this short.  I am now on the up and up, and realizing that, 1) no, I won't be a sell out if I paint the Bridgers, because I love the Bridgers.  And 2) selling in a GOOD thing.  Art is a business people!  Of course it is also a creative and enriching and a deep soul fulfilling pursuit, but hey, I still have bills. So!  A few articles I really have enjoyed as of late that I wanted to share for you. Let's make a real living art friends, get younger generations to believe they really can do what they dream of doing, and get rid of this starving artist crap. :)  Yes?! To begin, let's talk about "Selling Out"  (http://invisibleofficehours.com/episodes/06) And a few ideas for extra cash flow: http://lateralaction.com/articles/art-licensing/

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