Passion, the Secret Ingredient to Success

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Wild and full of light

"As with all matters of the heart, you'll know when you find it."  Steve Jobs

"Limits, like fears, are often an illusion."  Michael Jordan

Get lost, live, be great.


This is an awesome video about our path through this crazy thing we call life.  It's a great reminder to follow our passions, live with heart, and to find what makes you come alive.  AND DO IT, that's important too.  :) In doing so, you, I, WE, will truly live the life we're meant to live.

Cheesy, maybe a bit.

Inspirational, hell yes.

Important, ABSOFREAKINGLUTLY!  The world need more people who are willing to come alive.  As tiring and difficult as it can be, I truly believe we can all be great.  We just have to make the decision, embrace the work, enjoy the unknown, and trust that the universe rewards the brave and blazen.

So today I challenge you along with myself to be that brilliant burst of fire.  Paint (insert your thing) like only you can, breathe through it, find flow, and take one more day toward being a more self-actualized you.


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  • Sue Moe on

    Beautifully said- I needed to hear this today & find it (really, no faking!) inspiring!! Thank you.

  • Allison on

    Thank you Sue! I LOVED the video, make sure you click on the link if you haven’t. VERY inspirational. :)

  • Sue Moe on

    Finally took the time to watch the video….Wow! Yes it’s very inspiring!! Thanks again- I’ll be smiling & thinking about this all day!?

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