Montana is wildly beautiful.  Filled to the brim with colors, seasons, weather, and creatures.  The days are beginning to be longer, the sun more active and springtime is definitely in the air.  I love this time of year.  It feels like a big breath of fresh air and a celebration of color. Enchanted-Lightart_art

 Rebirth, renewal, change.  

Lately, I've been seeing quite a few eagles near my home, so majestic and strong.  An exquisite balance of force and grace.  This felt like something the universe was trying to make me pay attention to, so I started to look into eagles.

The lesson of the eagle, to soar above. 

"You remind all who witness your beauty and strength of the eternal struggle of the two-legged to rise above the mundane and feel the soul take flight."

So there it is, illumination, a keen eye, strength, intuition, rising above, courageous, creative, healing, spiritual, teachers, truth...

Amazing qualities to contemplate.  As we all seek (and sometimes struggle) to fulfill our human potential, a good reminder that the universe is much, much larger than what we can imagine.  That maybe, just maybe, we should lean in and allow our soul to fly a little bit.  At least jump and see what happens when we try.

Get still.  Get curious.  Fly.

Cheers friends, let's keep our eyes toward the sky. :)

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