Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." Degas

My life is like a puzzle.

Many pieces, all connected, colorful, and important (MOSTLY :)).  Some days or weeks the puzzle only has a few major players, others...well others are like this past week.

I painted, taught, prepped, traveled, and somehow squeaked out a bit of small business upkeep.

It was nuts.

It's my life, a beautifully (sometimes messy, sometimes chaotic) artist's life.

My motto quickly becomes JUST BREATHE during these days.

Sounds simple enough, but it's fairly difficult.Breathe

Here is a snapshot of my puzzle of a week, also known as making a living in the arts.  


School's (almost) out for summer!

I wrapped up another great Artist in Residence year in Butte at Butte Central K-8 this week.

This is a special school for a  lot of reasons.  One of the coolest things for me is my personal family connection.

My Grandmother got me hooked on art, something we shared together until the day she passed away.  Now, I have numerous younger cousins as well as my cousin's kids K-8 who are part of the students I bring art projects to once a month, all year long.  My Dad is one of 9, the McGree name is strong at Central. :)

Here, below,  is the in progress mural that the graduating 8th grade class was working on.  We also made clay pinch pots and created mini-canvas paintings. BC


Butte Central high school students, many I've known since I taught them art in grade school, create insects using recycled pop cans, wire, and a variety of other found objects.  #repurposedart

These students are some of the most hard-working  and respectful that I teach.  It's always a pleasure to visit.


Dragon fly, bee, butterfly, lady bug, and grasshopper creations in this image.

Art show at Corx (113 E. Main St) in beautiful downtown Bozeman, MT

Original Oil on Canvas works are up through the month of May, stop by for a glass of wine and some color!


Allison McGree Fine Art @Corx in Downtown Bozeman Corx2016


FullSizeRender (18)Artists from Riverside Country Club painted a Moonscape with a family of birds for their mothers on Tuesday night.

Most paintings were of mother bird and baby bird, some included the entire family of birds and an interesting bird story to go along with it. :) IMG_0802

Last, but not least...

Chicken Paintings!

Great Beginnings Montessori mini artists painted amazing chickens with me last week as well!

IMG_0781 (1) LOTS of art-making last week!  Let me know your favorite project, or if you'd like the lessons in the comments.

Happy art-ing!  I challenge you to go out and MAKE something this week. Creativity is good for the soul. 

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