Falling in Love with Inspiration.

Inspired Artwork

I get lost in painting.  The time on the clock shifts into a Alice-in-Wonderland reality.  It morphs, dances, changes its pace, and simply flows (most of the time).

I am lucky, blessed, GRATEFUL to have fallen in love with painting.

I thoroughly enjoy my time with my paintbrushes and I especially enjoy when I am painting with some sort of larger purpose or human connection in mind.

This week I was able to celebrate yet another babe-to-be!  Coming into our world in the next few months will be a new little baby, and this giraffe mural (images below) will be on the walls of her very first bedroom.

How awesome to create art as part of this amazing life event?!

Vincent van Gogh quote from "Vincent and the Dcotor"...Just watched this episode again tonight. Still love it:

-Vincent Van Gogh

Some of my FAVORITE surfaces to paint on are walls.

Something about the size, dancing around a room, and possibly a sprinkle of it being against the "rules" has me infatuated.  IT'S SO FUN!

Painting on walls start pretty simply with shapes and a general plan, that usually changes.  :)  You have to be open to the changes that happen when you create.  My Grandfather used to carve figures from wood.  He would wait to "hear" who wanted to come out of the wood.  I feel like this is a great way to stay open to the universe as well as the process.

Giraffe momma and baby in a few different shades of gray.giraffe

My aunt, a faux painter, and I worked on this project together.  She's an amazingly talented and super-creative human, I LOVE doing projects with her.  A second set of eyes helps in so many ways.  ESPECIALLY when I'm trying to decide if it's done...

giraffe2 The final, after 6+ hours, we have a completed mural!

Soon the room will be filled with an adorable rocking chair, stuffed animal friends, and soon...a new little baby girl!


This afternoon I'm working on a desk mural (images and story to come)!  If you, or someone you know has a wall screaming for a mural, you know who to call. :)

Cheers, have a great day!

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