Corks and Canvas

Art-making, in all of its forms, is a magical process.

I see a value in all of the ways we can create, one VERY fun way is a night out with great friends, food, wine, and a paintbrush. Last night, at Riverside Country Club, I guided twelve ladies through a dandelion-inspired springtime painting.

Blue sky, bright colors, sunshine, and a slight breeze blowing the dandelion across the canvas...

Here, we begin by filling up the background with blue, yellow, and white.

Key thoughts- just jump in! :)

"An Artist never makes a mistake, they just change their mind."

As the years go by, somehow we become amazingly fearful of risk-taking.  Even when the consequences are a canvas, we worry incessantly about right or wrong.  My advice, let loose, and AIM to be at least a little bit uncomfortable.  Celebrate that!  That uncomfortable feeling is the sweet spot to learning and growth. corks blueAfter the background and edges have a full coat of paint on them, we start to plan out the dandelions, stems, and grass.



This might be my favorite part, the layers of color and slow buildup of depth!

corks done

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