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Imagekind Print Allison McGree Fine Art Image 2016 Imagekind Print
  Making a living in art is...unique (insert belly laugh). :) I am constantly trying to improve, learn, grow, create and move forward in my methods. Today I wanted to share a quick insight that I'm VERY excited about. Maybe it will help you too?! Through amazing books, mentors, and podcasts I found Imagekind, an amazing print to order site. I am so sooooo happy to not paint, photograph, print, mat, pack, wrap, post, mail...EVERY single print. The time that goes into each print is a little wild and really didn't seem to add up for me. This site, Imagekind, (there are many other print sites to check out too) allows interested parties to look at artwork in a virtual home-like setting, change the size, style, even have it framed! It is easy, straightforward and so refreshing to use! Add in a 100% satisfaction guaranteed 30 day no questions return policy?! Yes please. I have ordered a few prints and was very happy with the product. No, I am not getting anything for this recommendation. Just sharing my new excitement!

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