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Choose HAPPINESS Life is, well, life.  Each of has a relative high and low on our horizon.  We have a chance to see the light, and an equal (and possibly even easier choice) to see darkness; please choose happiness.  Fight for your happiness.   It's cliché, it seems obvious, but I think it really takes energy and dedication to do so. Life has dealt my family a few rough health cards these past few months.  I know I don’t have to bleed to show my empathy, but part of me wants to.  I crave to bear part of the burden; to sense the weight of life and rise with my stubborn brute strength and pain-in-the-ass-ness.  Instead, I am left to go outside of my comfort zone and find some sort of flow and faith.  I have to live my own way through it as a source of support and comfort when I can. Holy crap, it’s like watching your loved ones move a house with all of the heart, sweat, and WILL they can muster while you sit in a lazy-boy with a cold beer...watching. Worthless feeling, but I know everything has it's time and place.  I know I have more to be grateful about that not, and I am blessed beyond measure. Truthfully, I am trying to be strong enough to choose the light, but I know I fall toward the dark pissed off pessimist more than I should.  It’s a choice, I see the choice. So I say light.  I hope you do too. MORE LIGHT MORE FLOWERS MORE SPRINGTIME AND MORE HILARITY.  BOOM.  :)

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