Homestead 89 Gallery Grand Opening

Bridal Shower Quotes to Set the Mood for the Pre-Wedding Bash - “When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece,”John Ruskin: Sometimes my gut tells me that a person/place/event/situation just clicks.

I love that feeling, it's as if the stars are aligning.

Homestead 89 clicks. I try to celebrate these moments when I can manage to breathe for a second to do so.  Lucky for me, a great celebration was held at the Grand Opening of the Homestead 89 Gallery on Thursday night. Rory's Rustic Furniture is an original showroom.  Not only are Rory and his wife very kind and genuine people, the craftsmanship of all of the artists (including one-of-a-kind furniture by Rory himself), is inspiring. Passion, heart, years and years of skill emanates from every corner of Homestead 89. The room is large and open enough to include it all too!  IMG_0264 This gallery is one that I really believe has a very bright future in our community.  I am exceedingly grateful to be represented by such kind people, to be in the company of so many talented and passionate artists, and to have a gallery that can display BIG paintings! The Grand Opening was a nice celebration of people, place, and artwork.  I highly recommend a stop by Homestead 89 when you're in the area!                        

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