Mural Madness, I love love LOVE painting on walls!

My life is...varied, to say the least. I think that might just be the creative life of constant variation, it's absolutely mine. Last week included studio time, teaching art to PK-gray artists, attending an art opening...and then THIS, a very fun mural project!  I have to be honest this mural shook me up a bit.  I have painted many murals with groups and solo, this was a different project.  For this mural, I was asked to re-create/be inspired by one of my original paintings.  My wild and crazy artwork transferred to a WALL. This is the original oil on canvas, "Rays." Rays

My first reaction...hmmmmmm, how would I do that?!!?  Then, well, my motto for most things came into play.

"Either I will find a way, or I will make one."   Philip Sidney

Not completely new territory, but new enough to make my mind take off on an interesting journey of preparation.

In the end, just jump in, it's only paint.

The process                                                                                                                                               The final result C7E3FA62-1AD8-47ED-8E63-F84C830440A6IMG_0286

All in all, it was a great project, I had a blast.  I'm sure I'll want to tweak it, but I'm happy for now.

This was a special project for many reasons...not only was I asked to paint a room for a young boy that will arrive in June of this year, it's for my cousin's first born baby boy. :)  As I was painting, I was able to contemplate how amazing it is that my artwork was asked to be one of his first introductions to art!  This will be his nursery, so he'll spend many hours falling asleep to the wild and crazy colors that adorn his walls.

Think of all of the "firsts" that will have this mural as a backdrop?!  How amazing to be part of that!

There is something magical that happens when I'm able to paint while contemplating people and life experiences.  The process feels grand...I feel connected to them, as if I'm not painting alone.  The richness and depth is unparalleled.

Thank you Kody, Joe and Baby X for letting me be a part of this exciting occasion!


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